So, we see you’re also curious about what World According to Shorts is about. It’s simple and straightforward: we help people like YOU see how the world is viewed through the eyes of short films. Well, we actually include full-length films, but we have a greater emphasis on short films, hence we chose the name.

Generally, we focus on the lesser known ones, but we handpick our selections to ensure that these lesser-known short films aren’t lesser known because they suck – we make sure to pick the ones that, when discovered and given enough attention and recognition, is likely to be highly regarded and recognized.

Photo by Joseph Redfield from Pexels

There are so many short films that tell us a wonderful story – however, they are often underrated and undiscovered. Heck, we think that almost all short films are underrated. Aside from short films, there are also so many indie films that are not getting the attention and recognition they deserve.

Our aim here in World According to Shorts is to show you some of the noteworthy short films and underrated films that needs more recognition and attention. We’ll be giving you information about some of the underrated, yet wonderful short films to help you discover new and hidden gems in the world of filmmaking.

With the film market saturated by big filmmakers and companies, it’s hard for indie filmmakers and shorts to stand out – but we know that shorts and indie films have the power to become popular and viral and that they can bring wonderful and inspiring stories, especially shorts. Even though they’re short they can give you wonderful stories. They are like a small glittering and valuable gem buried under the pile of heavy rocks or thick sand, which, when not actively sought for, won’t be able to be discovered.

People think that short films lack value and professionalism but we beg to differ. Some examples of wonderful short films are Caminandes, and One-Minute Time Machine.

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