Our recommendations change from time to time, so be sure to check this page every so often. Right now here are some of the best short films we think that you need to watch before you die. It won’t hurt because, well, they are shorts! They shouldn’t take a lot of time to watch in their entirety. These short films will introduce you to the world of shorts and hopefully, you’ll begin actively seeking for more!

Kung Fury (2015)

If you like comedy, action, the 80s and loads of fun – then Kung Fury is what you want! It’s a short film that lasts 31 minutes in total. It’s a Kickstarter funded film, which was backed by 17,000 people and amassed total funding of more than $630,000 from the campaign. The story revolves around a martial artist named Kung Fury who traveled back in time to kill his nemesis, Hitler. Hilarity ensues! Watch it here.

A Trip to the Moon (1902)

A classic and regarded as the first science fiction film, A Trip to the Moon is a silent movie about a group of astronomers who went to the moon. There, they encountered bizarre phenomena and creature. Watching this film is like traveling back in time. You see Georges Méliès’s (the film’s directory) creativity despite the obvious limitation of technology at that time. A must watch, which you can do so here.

Cream (2017)

A short film by David Firth, this is a thought-provoking, yet bizarre animation. The story follows how “the cream” changed the world for the better, but a select few saw this as a threat to their business so they thwarted and twisted how people perceive the “cream”. The character design and animation are quite disturbing for the uninitiated, but it clearly reflects the story of the short as well as the reality that it tries to portray. Extremely recommended. You can watch it here.

Room 8 (2013)

Winner of the BAFTA for Short Film 2014, directed by James W. Griffiths, Room 8 tells the story of a new prisoner who met a fellow inmate who warned him not to touch the red wooden box below the bunker. He opened it – despite telling is fellow inmate him that he might regret it. He opened the box and when he peeked on it, he saw themselves inside. Out of curiosity, he put his hand inside it to reach and when he turned around, he saw a massive hand poking from the ceiling. Curious about what happened next? Watch it here.

The Punisher: Dirty Laundry (2012)

Directed by Phil Joanou, The Punisher: Dirty Laundry The Punisher (Frank Castle) is living in a not-so-friendly neighborhood where violence, rape and other forms of crime is a norm. The story starts where he woke up to bring his laundry to the shop. While there, he witnessed a kid getting bullied. Find out what happened next here.

Hopefully, these shorts will help you jumpstart your way into the world of shorts. Who knows? You might create a short of your own! If you want to find more shorts, visit our Indie Film Festivals page to see fests where they premier short films. There, you will certainly find new and fresh shorts and indie films to feed your hunger for more!